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WEGO Health and their newly-launched companion site:,  has two posts up on their Breast Cancer channel (there are five other channels: Chronic Illness, Diabetes, Joint Pain, Multiple Sclerosis, and Sickle Cell), featuring my partners in cancer-fighting Alicia Staley, known online as@stales and Awesome Cancer Survivor – after fighting cancer 3-count-’em-THREE times, she has full rights to that title; Jamie Inman@ibeatcancertwice on Twitter and founder of Stay in the Pink, which encourages women to prevent breast cancer through good breast health; and yours truly @MightyCaseyMs. Cancer for Christmas herself. I only had cancer once, so I feel privileged to be in the room! Want a taste?

Here’s the second Breast Cancer post, “Are you a cancer ‘victim’?” (clue: hellz no!)

Health Activists Speak, Part Deux
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