#HAWMC Day 16: Pinterest!

Have a Pinterest page. Have yet to figger out its highest and best use, but today’s prompt tells me to create a board for my health focus and pin three things on it.

Well, in typical over-achiever fashion, I’ve pinned four images to my brand spanking new Health Activism board:

hawmc pinterest board image

 Why these images?

The one on the left is Buckminster Fuller at his best – don’t fight to create change, just create it.

The one left-center was shared last week on Day 9.

The one right-center is the ribbon I created for Team Plaid, my effort to drive discussion about early detection for all cancer. I am *so* not pink, or any other “one color” advocacy.

The one on the right is an example of the tattoo I’d happily get if it meant I’d never have to fill out another blinkin’ health history form.

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