“There are no guarantees in medicine, other than that there are no guarantees in medicine.”

no guaranteesThat’s actually my own quote.

Today in the WEGO Health #hawmc challenge – 30 days of posts on health activism, one each day in April – the prompt sheet says “Quotation Inspiration”.

I’m sharing one of my central tenets, something I say constantly to both clinician and patient audiences. Because there are no guarantees in medicine. There are only great attempts at discovering answers, followed – in most cases – by satisfactory outcomes.

It’s not rocket science, but sometimes it *is* brain surgery.

Ask yourself how much you expect your healthcare team to do for you. Take a long hard look at what you are willing/able to do for yourself. Both sides of the healthcare equation need to take responsibility for the outcome, and admit when there’s nothing they can or will do to advance the cause.

“There are no guarantees in medicine.”
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