mobile health care imageI spent a day last week at Rutgers University in the company of some heavy hitters in mobile healthcare. I’ll be posting a full report soon on Disruptive Women in Health Care, but in the meantime, here are some highlights:

  • “More people have mobile phones than have toothbrushes,” said Tom Wheeler of the mHealth Alliance¬†(not good news if you get stuck in an elevator or on a subway with someone in the only-mobile-phone group)
  • “Delight drives change” was an observation made by Dr. Gopal K. Chopra, the founder of pingmd, about what will drive successful mhealth ideas
  • mHealth Gazelles was a phrase used (coined?) by Ernst & Young Entrepreneur in Residence David Shrier in his presentation about how venture capital can empower the growth of mHealth
  • “Technology is the only path away from the drive off the cliff.” That was one of Joe Carr’s comments (he’s the CIO of the NJ Hospital Assn.) during a panel discussion about the market-readiness of mHealth – he was referring to the fact that healthcare costs are literally bankrupting the nation
  • “The economic model of healthcare is institutionally perverse.” Al Shar, CIO of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, said that … and is HE right there or what?
  • “We must kill the silos.” Jayant Parthasarathy, the Director of Innovation and R+D at United Health Care¬†…¬†another “is he right or WHAT?” moment
  • It’s the user experience, stupid. No one actually said that, but it was the subtext of almost every panel. Including the one that I participated in, which made the local business pages the next day

As I said in the opening graf, watch this space for an update when the full report hits Disruptive Women in Health Care in the coming weeks.

And tell me what mobile health apps you use, or you dream of – I really do want to know, and I really will help bring them to life.

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