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Day 4 of #hawmc. Prompt is “I write about my health because … ”

I don’t write about just my health because … well, how boring would *that* be? Very.

I write about health and healthcare for all of us: me, you, ever’body. Health is our life, it’s what we do, it’s how we behave, it’s how we care for ourselves, it’s how we live life to the fullest.

good healthMany of us don’t get a chance to dance, at least not on our own two feet.

Many of us don’t get to sing, because we have no voice to raise.

Many of us don’t get to laugh, because our ability to see and react/interact is not present for one reason or another.

If you can sing, if you can dance, if you can laugh, if you can enjoy a great time over a meal with friends and family … rejoice.

Help someone who can’t do any/all of that find some joy if you want to know what “stupendous” feels like.

There is one guarantee in life: it’s 100% fatal. None of us gets out of here alive. Be as good to yourself as possible. Help others be as good to themselves as possible.

Eat good food, drink clean water, enjoy your body to the extent you can – surfing the North Shore of Oahu or just making it across the room. Whatever your limits are, test them. Stretch. Reach.

I write about health because health is life. Healthcare starts within our own heads and hearts. It’s not something that happens “over there” in a healthcare facility. It happens to you every day in how you think about and treat yourself.

I write about our health because I want to make a difference, to help drive some positive change within myself and within anyone else who might see value in what I share.

I’ve gotten enough feedback to know that I’m accomplishing my goal. Which makes me want to stretch further.


Life is 100% fatal. Let’s have fun while we’re here.
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