OK. The Month of Pink is over. Now it’s time to get serious.

November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month, the support ribbon is clear.

Get one thing perfectly clear: lung cancer is a killer.

Lung cancer kills more women than breast cancer does (see some CDC stats on that here), but we don’t see the NFL gearing up with lung cancer awareness gear.

Lung cancer has no brand. It also has no early detection protocols, so it’s usually discovered at the “if you survive, it’ll be a miracle” stage.

Where’s the funding for lung cancer?

That’s a question asked daily by my friend Jennifer Stauss Windrum via her awareness campaign, WTFLungCancer.com.

Her mom became one of the people fighting the lung cancer troll, which opened her eyes to the total lack of awareness of the risks and consequences of getting lung cancer.

  • Her mother never smoked. Most diagnoses are now people who don’t smoke: either never-smokers or former smokers. So stop thinking it’s the lung cancer patient’s fault. Even if they do smoke.
  • Lung cancer kills more people than the #2 through #5 most deadly cancers … combined. Lung cancer is #1-with-a-bullet on the deadliest list.
  • Lung cancer kills three times more men than prostate cancer.
  • Lung cancer kills more than twice as many women as breast cancer.
  • Lung cancer kills 437 people every day.

Worried yet? You should be.

What I suggest you do is get involved with the Lung Cancer Alliance. Support them, and support the Canary Foundation, too – they’re actively working on early detection research for lung cancer, and they’re my primary focus for TeamPlaid.

Have your home tested for radon – that’s the #2 identifiable risk factor for lung cancer after smoking. If someone in  your family does smoke, encourage them if they want to quit. If they don’t want to quit, make the inside of your house a smoke-free zone.

Make a difference in your own life by cutting down the risks. Make a difference in the community, and the world, by being 100% clear that lung cancer is a killer stalking each and every one of us: men, women, white, black, brown, rich, poor, smoker, non-smoker.

Everybody is at risk.

Let’s get to work.

November: forget pink, go clear! #lungcancer
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