I’ve been thinking about the top-down, inverted-pyramid nature of healthcare for a long time now. That inverted pyramid is poised atop the industry’s customers – us, people, patients – crushing us, and collapsing under its own weight.

Buckminster Fuller quoteAll of us could benefit from a little revolution, don’t you think?

The quote at the right is Buckminster Fuller at his best – simple and revolutionary.

I think that trying to fight our current reality – the current healthcare delivery system – is a waste of time.

What’s needed is for people – the aforementioned patients – to act as if healthcare was there to serve us. Currently, the system is set up to serve no one, unless maybe the insurers at the top of that food pyramid are getting something out of this insanity.

Somehow, though, I think they’re as broken as the rest of the system.

I’ll repeat what I posted over on the MightyCasey.com blog on Monday:

Don’t settle for less-than-full disclosure from any of your healthcare providers – in other words, ask why your doctor is prescribing a name drug, if a generic is available.

Act as if your health is YOUR responsibility. Get off the couch, call a halt to drive-through nutrition, examine your habits and ditch what doesn’t serve you, and your health.

Engage with pharma companies who provide you or your family with drugs that work, and tell them so.

Rabble-rouse the FDA to stop standing on innovation, and to start freeing up both farm AND pharm to help us eat better, and help researchers bring new drugs that actually help to market.

Take to the the streets by visiting your local farmer’s market and buying/cooking local. Boycott processed cr*p disguised as food.

Firing that rocket drew the attention of my new friends over at OccupyHealthCare.net

Recommended reading over there:

The Line Between Radicalism and Realism in Healthcare – speaks clearly about the need for a Bucky Fuller version of reinvention from the ground up

Fragmentation as a Never Event (“never events” are 28 healthcare outcomes listed as total failures by the US National Quality Forum) – the post focuses most on the importance of making mental health part of primary healthcare and the establishment of patient-centered medical homes.

Join me in an #arabspring for healthcare.

Our lives are in OUR hands.






Is #occupyhealthcare a healthcare #arabspring?