Cancer for Christmas 3rd edition book cover

What’s Cancer for Christmas: Making the Most of a Daunting Gift all about?

It’s the story of my trip through what I call the “health care car wash” after being diagnosed with breast cancer 5 days before Christmas in 2007.

The book is a fast, fierce, and funny ride through how I not only survived breast cancer, I survived breast cancer treatment!

When you’re going through the health care car wash, it’s critical that you ask questions, work to understand the answers, and be an active participant in your care. That helps you stay inside the car.

Otherwise you’re strapped to the hood, getting lots of soap and wax up your nose. And those whirly-towel things have gotta be murder.

Cancer for Christmas is about being an active participant in your health, and health care.

Cancer for Christmas is about health care industry customers – commonly called “patients” – being educated, engaged consumers.

Cancer for Christmas is about clear, open communication between doctors and patients.

Pick up your copy today. Book me to speak at your healthcare event. Share a comment on my blog. Make an appointment for your annual physical, your annual mammogram, or your long-overdue colonoscopy.

Don’t get strapped to the hood in the healthcare car wash!