Today’s #HAWMC post prompt: Superpower Day.

It’s suggested that we share what our superpower would be, if such things existed. I had been thinking that my superpower would be the ability to persuade anyone, instantly, to make the changes necessary to create a healthcare system that works.

Then this showed up in my Facebook news feed:

common sense

Thanks to my friend Torksi Dobson-Arnold for sharing.

How much simpler would healthcare – and LIFE – be if we all used some common sense? Don’t expect fixes to come from without. Look within and ask what makes sense, what simple steps would resolve the issue, what small sensible action would move the whole game forward?

It’s not rocket science. But sometimes it *is* brain surgery. However, even in rocket telemetry and gamma-knife neurosurgery, common sense must prevail. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Just keep that wheel rolling.

Common sense. It’s a superpower we all have. Let’s use it.

Common sense: it’s a superpower
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