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Dr. Brian Czerniecki at the University of Pennsylvania has developed an immune-therapy treatment for ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) HER-2/neu.

Yes, kids, that’s a vaccine, as well as treatment for DCIS HER-2/neu.

The immune-therapy/vaccine has been in limited trials at UPenn since 2004. An Oncolink interview with Dr. Czerniecki about the first clinical trial is here.

A second trial is still ongoing – if you or anyone you know has been diagnosed with DCIS HER-2/neu, visit this link to find out how they might participate in the trial.

Here’s a video of Dr. Czerniecki talking about his work:

The really exciting part of this isn’t just the possibility of ending HER-2/neu breast cancer. It’s that HER proteins are the bad guys in many types of aggressive cancer: ovarian, stomach, and uterine.

Dr. Czerniecki and his team are working on immune therapy for hormone-positive breast cancer (the type I had), and I plan on being near the front of the line when it’s available.

Czerniecki might be the Jonas Salk of the 21st century, partly because he doesn’t want to partner with drug companies to fund his FDA trial.

The Pennies In Action website gives information on how to help fund the trial. Know any gazillionaires with a cancer history in their family? Ask them if a $1M investment (or more) would be worth it to them…

Breast Cancer VACCINE! No, I’m NOT Kidding.

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