Casey "MightyMouth" Quinlan
Casey “MightyMouth” Quinlan

“Whoopee – cancer!”

That’s not your average reaction to a cancer diagnosis, and Casey Quinlan isn’t your average patient. When, after her 15th mammogram, she won the booby prize – breast cancer – her first reaction, after downing a stiff drink, was to cover her own cancer story with the same relentless inquiry she brought to her career in network television news, and that informs her work as a “business storyteller” and branding consultant

Casey’s approach to her treatment: be an active participant, not a meat puppet. Her metaphor for managing medical treatment?

“It’s like a car wash. When you go to a car wash, do you want to be inside the car, or strapped to the hood? Ask questions, make sure you understand the answers – you get to stay inside the car. Otherwise, you get lots of soap and wax up your nose!”

In Cancer for Christmas: Making the Most of a Daunting Gift, Casey shares the questions she asked her doctors, what she did with the answers, and how she navigated surgery, chemo, and radiation treatment with determination, ferocity, and a large dose of humor.

Fierce and funny, thought-provoking and inspiring, Casey’s story of her journey to cancer-free is full of insight into how to survive, and thrive, after getting life-changing medical news.

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